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Proud Winner of the Ministry of Environment and Tourisms First-Ever Hornbill Tourism Gold Awards ...
Winner of the Ministry of Environment and Tourisms Second-Ever Hornbill Tourism Gold Awards ...

Wednesday, 30th July 2014
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Marine Tours

Santubong Wildlife Cruise

This tour takes you around the rivers of the Santubong Peninsular, offering you the chance of seeing some of Sarawak's fascinating wildlife. The cruise starts at Sarawak Boat Club. From there your boat cruises to the mouth of the Santubong River, where Irrawaddy dolphins are often spotted.

Your boat then roams the mangrove-lined rivers looking for wildlife. As the light starts to fade we go in search of the rare proboscis monkey. Small groups are often seen in the treetops at the water edge, settling down for the night.

As dusk arrives we search for fireflies and crocodiles. Crocodiles are often seen on the mud banks and brightly shining crocodile eyes can be spotted when a torch light is passed over the river.

After searching for crocodiles your boat proceeds further up river where fireflies gather at night. Watch the fireflies move around the branches of the mangroves, momentarily lighting up the night sky. After enjoying a firefly light show you return to the boat club.

Santubong Wildlife Cruise & Seafood Dinner

This tour combines the Santubong Wildlife Cruise with a seafood dinner at a waterfront restaurant at Buntal, a Malay fishing village.

Cruise depart from the Sarawak Boat Club (30 minutes from Kuching) at approx. 5pm. our package prices include transfer from Kuching to Santubong and back.

Please note that wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed. However, we do enjoy a high success rate. Wildlife commonly seen on this tour includes proboscis monkeys, estuarine crocodiles, macaque monkeys, fireflies, monitor lizards, silver-leaf monkeys, Irrawaddy dolphins and a range of bird life. Cruises do not operate during rainy weather.

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